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If you are interested in reserving a room or just would like more information on our rates and availability, please return to the Home Page and click on the Reserve Now button. It will connect you to our new booking engine. You will be able to view the date, availability, room styles and rates that you are interested in.

The Starlight Motel & Luxury Suites offer a variety of room styles. Please refer to the Amenities page for a detailed description.

The spacious Large Luxury Suite can accommodate up to 6 guests comfortably.

The Small Luxury Suite can accommodate up to 4 guests comfortably.

The Motel Rooms can accommodate from 2-5 guests comfortably.

Motel Room with 1 king size bed accommodates up to 2 guests
Motel Room with 1 king size and twin accommodates up to 3 guests
Motel Room with 2 double beds accommodates up to 4 guests
Motel Room with 2 doubles and twin bed accommodates up to 5 guests

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